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Name:Book-Based Fanfic Archive
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:book fanfiction
This a mirror of the livejournal community for posting any fanfiction, G to NC-17 ratings allowed, based on books that you love. One main place to find all those stories that we all want.

As long as it's based on a book, or being crossed-over with a book, any fanfiction is welcome. We also love recs and links to great book-related communities. All that's asked is that it's properly labeled and rated. Rules of the community can be found here.

Stories should be posted with the following header:

SUBJECT: Title (Rating) by author - Book Fandom (example: Sunset (PG) by Tommygirl - Outsiders)

Rating: (since this is open to anyone, ratings are a must)
Any Warnings: (character death, incest, noncon, spoilers if it's a new movie, etc.)
Any Author's Notes:

The actual story can be posted under a cut tag or you can post a link to your journal. Either is acceptable.

Please be aware: if you under eighteen years old, some of these stories will not be appropriate for you. They should be properly rated so you know which ones to avoid.

IMPORTANT NOTE: - If there is an author you know doesn't care/want fanfiction, please don't post it. It's an author's call to make so I'm going to respect that choice, even if it saddens the heart.

For movie lovers there is also [community profile] moviefanfiction, an archive for any/all movie-based fic.

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